Digital Marketing Support in English and Japanese

UJ Thinktank can help you build and manage your website in English and Japanese, and our expert staff can provide you with strong support for your social networking services such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You want to start an online business, but you don’t know how to start. In this case, UJ Thinktank can provide precise answers to your questions, such as whether you are unsure of the effectiveness of your website, or whether you are currently running it and not sure if it is working. As a digital marketing specialist, we provide operational advertising support.

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Website building and operation support

Our one-stop website development in English and Japanese and operation service enable you to dramatically improve your marketing efficiency, and maximize your performance of your websites through our SEO-focused digital marketing strategy.

Website Development in English and Japanese and Management Support

UJ Thinktank can help you build a website that is optimized for SEO. UJ Thinktank provides a one-stop service for domain registration and hosting the website.

Price» Starts from $780 / One Time

Initial SEO Service

We will analyze your website and suggest ways to improve it from an SEO perspective. The first step to a successful online business is to understand the current situation.

Price» Starts from $1,980 / One Time

Monthly SEO Service

Based on the results of the initial analysis, we will conduct a fixed point observation and propose further improvement measures. The key to success in attracting visitors to your website is continuous analysis and improvement of your website.

Price » Starts from $1,280 / Monthly

blogging in English and Japaneese support and content marketing

We may not realize it, but regular blogging is an essential task for digital marketing success. UJ Thinktank can help you create blogging operations.

Price » Starts from $380 / One Time

IT Helpdesk Service

UJ Thnktank’s IT helpdesk support can quickly provide the most appropriate solutions to the IT-related questions you face in your daily life on either Windows or Mac.

Price» Starts from $700 / Monthly

Digital Marketing Service

Our professional consultants have extensive experience and knowledge in supporting various digital marketing services related to online business, e-commerce, SNS management, and online advertising. We will lead your online business to success.

Support and Manage E-commerce

We provide strong support for online sales on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Google Shopping, and more, from initial set-up to operation. We also offer a one-stop service for creating, building, and operating online sales sites with your own domain website.

Price» Starts from $980 / One Time

Online Advertising and Management Services

UJ Thinktank’s professional staff provides one-stop support from the initial setup of online advertising (Ads), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., to management, analysis, and improvement suggestions.

Price» Starts from $100 / One Time

SNS Management and Influencer Marketing

We manage your entire social network marketing and campaign, including managing various social media on your behalf, marketing with influencers, and coordinating the content and frequency of posts.

Price» Starts from $650 / Monthly

CRM System Building and Managing Support

Building a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to perform email marketing (email newsletters), which is essential for online business success. We make your digital marketing success.

Price » Starts from $380 / One Time

Email marketing, SMS marketing

We can send email newsletters, coupons, birthday specials, and news releases to your customers on your behalf. We can also help you send out flash sale announcements, coupons, and more to your customers via short messages.

Price » Starts from $580 / One Time

Our Processes

Free Consulting

First, UJ Thinktank hears about clients’ current situation, analyze and identify the issues. Then, we examine the solutions to each client’s problems.

Solution Proposal

UJ Thinktank will organize and categorize your issues and propose the best solution for each of them by combining our resources.


Based on the proposed solutions, UJ Thinktank’s experienced and professional staff builds the system.

Operational Support

UJ Thinktank uses the PDCA cycle to continuously monitor the effectiveness of its strategies in order to make accurate operational decisions. We also conduct regular operations that will lead to the success of your business.

Web business consulting

Skilled consultants to help you build and continue to operate your online business

UJ Thinktank is a web consultant and solution provider. We support you in building an online business sales strategy to an actual platform tailored to the needs of each of your products. We will act as a “hands-on consultant” to fill in the essential pieces of your business development, such as business growth through SEO and advertising management, and course correction based on analysis of operational effectiveness.

  • Want to jumpstart the online business you are now cultivating
  • Want to promote new products in a new way
  • Want to do something on the Web from scratch
  • Want to outsource the advertising part / SEO part

UJ Thinktank is flexible and responsive to the various layers and levels of requirements.

Recommended Packaged Plans

ONLINE STORE Startup Support

If you want to sell your products on the Internet, but don’t know where to start? We can provide you complete set-up for your e-commerce business, from creating your own shopping site to getting an account on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and other sales sites.

Price » Starts from $980


Supporting Ad Creation

UJ Thinktank can support your advertisement activities through online advertising, social media management, and email newsletters.

Price » Starts from $1,000


SEO Enhancement Pack

Can you be utilizing your website? It is important to acquire potential customers from google search. UJ Thinktank provides a one-stop service to analyze your website’s current status, and propose and implement Improving your performance of the websites. This is the SEO.

Price » Starts from $1,980

SNS & Influencer Campaigns

It is very effective to use influencers to spread the word about your company’s services and products. UJ Thinktank provides one-stop service from finding influencers for your company’s campaign to managing the posts on various SNSs, as well as managing your company’s SNS accounts.

Price » Starts from $580

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