UJ Thinktank Proposes the Clover POS for U.S. Restaurants.

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The Points of UJT’s Clover POS System Support

Clover’s Versatile Features

The Clover POS system is an Android-based point-of-sale (POS) system from First Data, the largest provider of electronic payment systems in the United States, and is currently rapidly gaining market share in American restaurants.

Since the entire system is built on Android, a number of third-party companies are participating in the development of applications for the system, which is unique in that it has features that can meet the various needs of restaurants. Clover enables to solve your digital needs right away.

Reliable Japanese Language Support

As an authorized Clover reseller, UJ Thinktank provides a one-stop service in Japanese, from the application, installation to operation.

When installing the Clover POS system, there are some complex setups in English, but our expert staff will perfectly explain to you how to configure the menu in Clover. Our experts can create a menu configuration in Clover that best fits your needs.

UJ Thinktank can provide you with powerful support for your digital strategy in Japanese.

Low credit Transaction Fees

UJ Thinktank offers the Clover POS system to all of its customers at a reasonable credit card processing fee.

Credit card processing fees vary from 3.5% to 2.5%, depending on the credit card processing company.

UJ Thinktanks’ credit card fees are as low as 1.69% to +$0.10 per transaction! Credit card fees are an invisible cost that can make a huge difference when calculated on an annual basis. UJ Thinktank assists all customers looking for a POS cash register in the United States.

Clover POS Feature

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Clover Feature List

Clover is Versatile!

Clover is equipped with not only a cash register but also various functions.

  • Real-time table management
  • Register
  • Inventory management
  • Customer information management
  • Employee management
  • Add menu flexibly
  • Cache Log management
  • Accept credit and debit Cards
  • Apple Pay, EMV
  • Supports various types of installment
  • payments
  • Real-time reporting with the cloud
  • Permission management by the employee
  • Point management
  • Gift card management
  • Built-in online ordering system
  • QR code order feature (optional)

And many more additional features by third-party apps!

Online Ordering System

One-stop for Online Ordering System!

Many restaurants use external delivery services and operate an online ordering operation, but the bottleneck is commission fees. On a per-order basis, restaurants need to pay a 20-30% commission. It can be a significant impact on your revenue.
Our online ordering system allows you to implement a one-stop POS system and build a centralized online menu setup/ordering system, making it completely in-house. By preparing the order system yourself, you can completely reduce your commission costs and increase your profitability significantly.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM Creates A New Digital Marketing Strategy

Connecting customers is important so customer relationship management (CRM) is crucial for all restaurants. Valuing customers who come to your restaurant and keeping in touch with them is the first step that restaurants need to pursue.

However, today’s external online services, such as delivery services, do not allow you to connect with your customers directly because their details such as email addresses and phone numbers are not available to access for restaurants. So, restaurants using delivery services cannot keep in touch with their customers directly.

UJ Thinktank offers customer management services for restaurants. By sending out emails with promotions and events based on customer information collected from your daily online business and store sales, each restaurant can communicate directly with their customers. This is the most important strategy to do online business.

Clover POS Prices

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