UJ Thinktank is the leading provider of digital marketing and business solutions for Japanese companies in the US

UJ Thinktank provides a wide range of digital marketing support services such as website development and operation, SEO consulting, online business development, online advertising, and SNS management. Also, UJ Thinktank is a distributor of “Clover”, a cloud-based POS system for restaurants, and provides support services, installing the system and building the online ordering system that is fully integrated with POS.

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Our Services

Digital Marketing Support for Corporations

UJ Thinktank provides one-stop services for a variety of marketing support to help corporations succeed in their digital marketing efforts. We can help you build a website attracting customers, conduct SEO analysis, and more, all of which will lead to the success of your online business.

Creating, building, and operating websites that attract customers

UJ Thinktank builds and manages the websites with the perfect support. The websites with SEO attract customers dramatically and your businesses will succeed.

SEO Consulting

Do you have a problem with releasing a new product or service and not being able to penetrate the market? This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in, and at UJ Thinktank, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing SEO consulting services.

E-commerce (EC) Consulting

UJ Thinktank offers powerful support from the selection of services to sales by our consultants, who are experienced in listing on Amazon, eBay, and other e-Commerce sites. We’ll give you the best knowledge of how to make your online sales business a success.

SNS Marketing Support

UJ Thinktank supports your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram operations. Our professional team with plenty of knowledge perfectly supports your SNS operations. Also, we support paid advertising and management consulting for SNS.

Digital Marketing Support for U.S. Restaurants

UJ Thinktank supports restaurants in the US to solve their IT and digital strategy. UJ Thinktank provides POS systems, website development, self-operated online ordering systems, SNS effectively.  UJ Thinktank provides everything for digital solutions.

Clover POS Distribution, Introduction and Operation Support

UJ Thinktank offers affordable Clover POS and strong support from implementation to operation. Clover POS is the most popular cloud-based cash register system in the United States, and we will support your restaurant business perfectly.

website + self-operated online ordering

UJ Thinktank builds self-operated online ordering websites for restaurants that are perfectly integrated with the Clover POS system. UJ Thinktank also provides operational support services on behalf of busy restaurant managers, such as website menu changes, ad-hoc maintenance, and so on.

Analysis Service for Online Businesses

UJ Thnktank provides monthly reports which describe the number of visitors to your website, てthe visitors’ behavior, and the conversion rate that describes how many purchases are made on the website. We can help you attract more customers by continuously analyzing and improving your website.

Online advertising management

Marketing is an important part of your restaurant business, and UJ Thinktak has plenty of knowledge to help you get your digital marketing operation precisely. UJ Thinktak’s experts can provide you with online advertising, email marketing, SNS marketing and other digital marketing services.

Our Processes

Free Consulting

First, UJ Thinktank hears about clients’ current situation, analyze and identify the issues. Then, we examine the solutions to each client’s problems.

Solution Proposal

UJ Thinktank will organize and categorize your issues and propose the best solution for each of them by combining our resources.


Based on the proposed solutions, UJ Thinktank’s experienced and professional staff builds the system.

Operational Support

UJ Thinktank uses the PDCA cycle to continuously monitor the effectiveness of its strategies in order to make accurate operational decisions. We also conduct regular operations that will lead to the success of your business.

Case Study

SEO Consulting for Companies

Achieved a 61% increase in the number of Google searches with SEO consulting!

Best Print, a printing company, improved its Google search results by a whopping 61% in 3 months, which had been chronically dropping since 2018, by implementing SEO consulting. Because of the SEO consulting that involved their employees, they are still attracting more customers. Its employees also said that they were able to learn about the unknown range of SEO, and it has helped them improve their skills in their online business.

Online Order System

The POS system integrated online ordering system (USA)

Improve your restaurant’s bottom line with the self-operated online ordering system that leverages Your Profitability

External online ordering services have been expanding year after year, but there are disadvantages in terms of supply and demand, such as having to pay a 20%-30% commission on every sale, lower profit margins for each product, and the need to adjust prices for each product.
We offer you a self-operated online ordering system on your website, where you pay a small flat monthly fee and there are no commission fees. The entire process of online ordering, payment processing, and ordering in the kitchen is done automatically through the Clover POS, increasing your profit margins by taking most of the work in-house and cutting out unnecessary expenses. We can help you build a new form of restaurant management that adapts to the new way of life.

SNS management Service

Strong support for Facebook, Instagram and other social networking operations!

Social Network Service (SNS) is an effective marketing tool, but Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have different characteristics and purposes and must be used correctly to achieve the desired results.
At UJ Think Tank, our experienced staff can provide strong support to help you make the most of the characteristics of each platform.


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