UJ Thinktank’s Webinar ! How Restaurants Conduct Online Businesses? – Survive in Pandemic.

UJ Thinktank will hold a webiner collaborated with Soy Source, conducting a free magazene in Seattle, WA. The title is ” How Restaurants do Online Business? _ Survive in Pandemic.”

UJ Thinktank, a consulting firm specializing in digital marketing, pursues online businesses for restaurants. By building your own online ordering system that allows you to operate even in the face of the Covid-19, you can create a stable revenue structure and run your restaurant business with sufficient profits.

Here’s the methodology!

  • Current Status and Importance of Digital Strategy in Restaurants
  • Customer acquisition and managing the relationship with customers
  • The concept of customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Problems with existing delivery services (Uber Eats, Doordash, etc.) and simulation of cost reduction by introducing your own online ordering system
  • Eliminating opportunity loss through SEO measures for the online system
  • Centralization of electronic menu creation, shift management, and sales management

About Seminar

Title:How Restaurants Conduct Online Businesses? – Survive in Pandemic.

Date and Time:February 16th 2021 (Tue)  3:00pm ~(PST)

Registration:To get tickets, please visit Eventbrite! ($20.00)

Language: Spoken in Japanese (If you want to know the details in English, please contact us.) 

Location:Webinar The URL to join it will be sent before the event via email.

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