SEO Consulting Achieved a 31% Increase in Google Search Engine Result!

UJ Think Tank provided SEO consulting services to Best Print, a printing company in Japan.

95% of Best Print’s sales come from their website. They had been investing in Google ads and display ads to increase their sales, but for some reason, they were not getting the good results they wanted. So, they shifted to UJ Thinktank’s SEO consulting. We conducted a throughout analysis of their current websites and identified the problems. We reported the issues with the detailed analysis report, and Best Print’s employees got started to improve the problem according to the submitted report.

After only 3 months from the start of the consulting, Best Print’s search engine results on Google improved 31%, and the actual sales increased.

Here is Mr. Tanaka’s statement, the president of the company, after the consultation.

What we found out about our online business.

We asked UJ Thinktank to help us identify the problems with attracting customers to our website. For several years, we had been investing in the paid advertising of Google which is taught by an online advertising agency. However, the results did not go well.

I have invested in advertising as the agency told me but I thought that something was wrong. After the UJ Thinktank’s consultation, our company has not been doing very basic methods for online marketing.

As a result of our continued improvements, after the consultation, we have seen an increase in the inflow of customers through organic search without spending extra money on advertising, and we have been able to attract more customers than last year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before the request, we spent about 500,000 yen per month on advertising, but now, in spite of only investing 50,000 yen, our sales have increased compared to when we were advertising.

As Mr. Tanaka says, the “very basics” are very important. We analyze the current situation deeply and find all issues on online marketing. If you can find, just take action based on our report and the business will be improved.

If you are interested, please sign up for a free consultation with us.

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